Keep it easy, keep it focused.

Be it print or digital, rolling out an advertising campaign just got easier. Mediawide’s Creative Management Platform simplifies the otherwise tedious process of campaign execution, while ensuring that your communication to the customer, even in a distributed marketing environment, is never compromised.

Web Banners, Mobile Ads and DOOH


Design and refine your creatives. Build device and platform agnostic HTML5 rich media banners for multi-channel digital campaigns.


Customize each ad variant for copy, font, images and videos. Insert click tags or third-party ad server tags (TPAS) wherever required.


From a family of creatives produce multiple sizes and variations in minutes to meet your campaign requirements.


A multi-tier workflow allows your ad campaign to be reviewed and approved by the relevant person or team at the head office.


Avail of data-driven digital ads and targeted personalized creatives across Demand Side Platforms (DSP), Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges and Publishers.

Print Ads


Create a master ad in Adobe InDesign and get a print quality PDF using our InDesign Server.


Extend your ad template to local and co-op teams so that it can be customized for local campaign execution.


Empower local teams and partners in a distributed marketing environment to manage, execute and measure campaigns.

Digital Asset Management

Store product information and images on a centralized database and enjoy controlled user access with our DAM interface.

Brand governance

Adhere to brand guidelines while adapting your ad to different sizes and formats for different target audiences.