Tools to adapt artwork files

Dynamic Resizing

Automatically adjust your ad creative to fit the size and orientation of the media. This tool is perfect for print ads in different newspapers and banners on different sites.

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The Personalization feature is a boon for distributed marketing. Select products, promotions, pricing, dealers or even recepient data to create stronger marketing content.

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Typography Controls

Flexifit rules and Font equalization set your content size, leading and kerning to make sure the readability of your promotion is not compromised.

Layout Rules

Element anchoring, scaling methods and white space rules ensure that every adaptation looks flawless. Just like your master creative.

Language Support

Translate your ad campaign into regional languages for a deeper reach. Upload all your regional content and get the desired output.

2D Animations

Create stunning animations that are light weight and mobile friendly. Great for animated web banners and personalized video promotions.

Web App

A WYSIWYG App with thoughtful features for creative adaptations. Login to pick a master creative, localize the message, select the output and deliver.

Batch Processing

Easily adapt your master creative to hundreds of formats with custom messaging. Formats may range from print ads to web banners and videos. Each one will look perfect.

HTML5 Compliant

Video promotions, animated banners and emailers are all HTML5 compliant. They are mobile friendly and can work with any operating system.

Integrates with Product Management systems and business workflows

Asset Management

Our technology works seamlessly with your existing Asset and Content Management systems like OpenText, Nuxeo and Alfresco. What you get is a single source with no duplication.

InDesign® Plugin

Adobe InDesign® is a leading design and layout app. Our plugin lets you search your DAM system and find the right creative assets within Adobe InDesign®.

Product & Customer Data

Regional teams can easily access your product inventory, create a suitable promotion and personalize them with their own CRM data. No more unreliable Excel sheets.

Campaign Ad Manager

Manage all your campaign creatives in one place. Upload master creatives, set template rules and assign them to regional teams for further distribution.

Users & Collaboration

Set user permissions for assets and ad creatives to maintain brand governance. Assign user roles for lightning fast collaboration and approvals.

BPM Integration

Integrate with modern Business Process Management applications to control the actions and rules within a workflow and gain business automation.

Comprehensive SDKs

SOAP & Rest APIs

The Mediawide platform contains comprehensive APIs. Use these APIs to integrate with ECM, DAM, BPM, WCM and many other applications.

Single Sign-on

Standards such as Active Directory and SAML can be used to ease integration with other applications and help the user experience.

Secure Authentication

Trusted SSL certificates are utilized with SHA-2 and 2,048 bit encryption to allow for a safe and secure Google search friendly platform.

Cloud & On-premise Installation

The choice is yours - choose either on-premise installation or host on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and many other ISPs.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

With a modern responsive UI, the Mediawide technology works on all modern devices, phones, tablets and desktop.